"Know your rights", women told.

By Shamiso Chigonde

“My people perish because of lack of knowledge,” Prophet Hosea once said. Such has been the case for many women who have failed to demand their rights due to ignorance of the constitution and the rights enshrined therein.

To this end, women have been encouraged to gain knowledge on their rights and the constitution and the law in order for them to be fully emancipated. 

Speaking at a community outreach program organised by Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung in Shurugwi, Lawyer Blessing Sibanda urged women to know sections of the constitution that protect them.

Self Help Development Foundation Director,  Wadzanai Vere, who was also at the event, encouraged women to form groups where they can have reading sessions and interpretation of the constitution emphasising on the need to know organisations that represent women and advocates for their rights.

"It is important for women to know their rights and how laws are formed, every woman should at least have a copy of the constitution so that in groups they can discuss what needs to be amended and what rights they can use to defend themselves, "

"Women should also know organizations such as the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and others that advocate for their rights for them to get representation in time for crisis," she said.

She went on to say that knowing the constitution is also important even when starting businesses,  to avoid suppression and breaking the law.' 

According to world population review statistics, approximately sixty-eight percent of Zimbabwe's population lives in the rural areas and access to the constitution or information in general in these areas can be difficult, women end up losing cases related to land which are usually ruled at village or family courts.