Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) fellows, commemorate Girl-Child day with Montrose Girls High students

By Joleen Marara

Women from the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) celebrated the International Day of The Girl Child at Montrose Girls High where they distributed sanitary pads and had a motivational talk with the girls under the theme, “Girl Force: Unstoppable and Unscripted.”

The International Day of the Girl Child was this year commemorated on the 11th of October ,a day set aside by the United Nations to address issues faced by the girl child as a means of empowering her against gender based discrimination related issues.

One of the speakers, Lady Tshawe said she wished they could celebrate the girl child more often so that girls would know their worth. 

“I was really humbled by how the girls received us, how inspired they were as we spoke to them and encouraged them to be women who are independent and empowered them with knowledge about mental menstrual health and just being women who know what they want to be in life,” said Lady Tshawe. 

The school’s head girl, Kimberly Ndlovu, said the girls were inspired by the motivational speeches shared by the women entrepreneurs.

“As Montrose students there are certain things that we face.  First of all there is bullying amongst girls, which we are trying by all means to reduce,” said a senior prefect, Chiedza Mthuswa.

The Headmistress of the school, G. Nkomo added that some of the challenges girls face are related to the current economic situation where they find the girls struggling with transport issues because some of them come from the townships and they end up walking because they do not have transport fares. This also affects their performances as they come late or are absent from school.

“In winter, some would come not wearing the proper school uniform saying that they do not have a proper school uniform,” said Mthuswa addressing some of the challenges other girls face in school.

Speaking to Amakhosikazi media, a lower sixth form student, Valentine Kusina said they learnt that they should  strive to prosper in life.

“We learnt that we should empower ourselves as girls and we should be able to fight for ourselves and succeed in whatever we do in life,” said Kusina.

The headmistress highlighted that talks with the girls were centred around leadership, which teaches them to be leaders in every sphere of life as this can ensure that they will be good and capable future citizens of the country.