#LeadGirls2School campaign raises funds for disadvantaged school girls

by Fiona Mpofu                                            

New campaign #LeadGirls2School, set up to help raise funds for disadvantaged rural girls to go back to school, has raised money for 12 grade 6 pupils to cover school fees and stationary for one year.

The campaign was kick started to commence in time for the International Day of the Girl-Child commemorations, with the aim of solving the common challenges of fees payment faced by female students in rural areas.  

“I designed it into phases, the main phase was fundraising for school fees and stationary for one year for each of the 12 girls and then the second phase was empowering girls for a better tomorrow. We need to let them see women that are living a better tomorrow, which is why we profile these women” said the founder of the campaign, Mantate Mlotshwa.

The ladies were selected to prove to the young girls that empowerment leads to a bright future.

Profiled women in the campaign highlighted how being part of the initiative was an honour to them, with one of the ladies Samkeliso Tshuma adding that her role was to bring awareness on the on-going campaign.

“So my role bordered around spreading the message online, offline, social media and radio.”

“ My role was also to make sure that people donate to this cause so that sifake izandla ndawonye (we join hands) and reach out to more people so that we get enough tuition and stationery,” said Thando Gwinji one of the profiled ladies.  

Renee Seckel told this publication that the campaign helped her meet and work with other women she considered influencers in the society in order to help young girls.

“I established a network with other key figures regarding abuse and also established a united voice for those that are victims of abuse,” said Seckel.

Asked on the selection of the benefactors, the organiser highlighted that she was working on a clear criteria to be used in selecting the girls.

Mantate also auctioned some donated items such as books, shoes and jewellery to raise more money for the fees and stationary.

“A video is to be released at the end of this campaign, giving young ladies a platform to say what education means to them,” said Mantathe adding that it was important to hear from the girls themselves.