Eveline High School student to represent Zim girl children in Egypt

By Joleen Marara

Praise Dube (16) is among two delegates from Bulawayo, chosen to represent girls in Egypt in November after having a mock presentation on the National Child Led Conference in December 2017.

The National Child Led Conference is a children’s rights event meant to tackle the violation of children’s rights, identify problems and statistics so that they are presented to the government as a charter in order to resolve them.

Praise started advocating for girl children in December 2017 after the Justice for Children Trust (JCT), an organisation that seeks to provide free legal services to minors in civil and criminal matters chose her to represent Bulawayo.

“I was trained and empowered on how to speak up for the voiceless girls out there, and taught skills on girl empowerment and from there I joined poetry competitions that focus on girl empowerment,” said Praise.

Praise’s Director, Mr T.H Moyo said he always makes sure that the girls are well catered for and they are involved in a lot of programmes with various organisations.

“The girls are involved in a lot of programmes with different organisations. They are into Intwasa poetry and a film project which is under the Geraldine Drama project,” said Mr Moyo.

Praise emphasised that they promote empowerment and secure rights for girls, and engage in hands-on activities so as to strengthen each other and improve their knowledge.

A Guidance and Counselling teacher at Eveline High School, Mrs Takavinga said girls need close attention and that is why she stands to help them in any way, be it donating sanitary pads or giving them advice and counselling as both a teacher and parent.

“I stand up for what is true and what is right, even when things feel stacked against me. I see a girl child not only as a woman but a great dynamite,” said Praise. She added that she has been inspired by other girl child advocates who stand, fight, save, empower and protect girls and their rights.

Speaking to Amakhosikazi Media, Praise said her role model is Thobekile Sithole, a Lawyer from Justice for Children Trust who goes an extra mile taking a stand, helping others and speaking her mind and motivating her to strengthen other girls.

“I will use the opportunity offered in Egypt with zeal, raising a voice for other girls and the voiceless,” said Praise.

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