Online marketing skills for women entrepreneurs

By Loveness Nyathi

SOCIAL media marketing is emerging as one of the most sought-after skills in a world, where there is increased interaction online hence no business can afford to ignore these platforms.

In order to ensure small enterprises are also not left out in marking their products online, women-based organisation Jekesa Pfungwa Vulingqondo JPV held an online workshop on Tuesday as it sought to empower women with social media marketing skills and financial literacy.

The workshop saw 100 participants, 80 percent of whom were women, undergoing business development training from a social media expert on how they can promote their businesses online.

The training was targeting emerging female entrepreneurs in Bulawayo and was held on WhatsApp.

JPV programmes assistant, Ms Similo Ndhlovu, said part of their objectives is to ensure entrepreneurs grow their businesses and make meaningful contributions to the economy in a period when there is a new normal that has disrupted the way businesses operate.

“We believe entrepreneurs need to understand how to advertise online as this as may enable them to expand and grow their business and markets

“The main objectives is to have the participants’ businesses grow and contribute to the economy of Zimbabwe and also employ others,” she said.

Ms Ndhlovu said they engaged Mr Hanock Banda who took the participants through social media marketing and Mr Howard Tavengwa did the training on financial literacy.

She said it is critical entrepreneurs are able to use social media to sell their products in a market where most people spend their time online.

“Advertising on social media does not mean that one can just go and place ads all over platforms but there is an art to it with targeted advertising being a critical skill to ensure one reaches potential clients.

“Financial literacy is critical as we don’t want businesses to be going round in circles but want them to have a basic understanding on how to use money, how to spend it and record all financial transactions and trace their spending. Budgeting is a critical tool that up and coming businesses rarely use,” said Ms Ndhlovu.

One of the participants, Lynette Khumalo, said the session was very educative and believes going forward she will be able to control her money and would be able to evaluate all that she buys.

“I think the most critical lesson was that I should plan and invest for the long-term businesses. I am also now able to select the best online platforms to reach potential clients,” she said.

Another participant, Colleen Mukanya said he is now confident of coming up with a social media marketing and advertising strategy while also budgeting.

“I think we generally overlook the seriousness of budgeting and from now on it is something I will be doing religiously. It enables one to plan for the lang haul making it easy to achieve objectives,” he said.